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New Game?

2007-07-18 18:12:53 by Wurmy

So I want to make a new game. Just feel like it. Nothing big, nothing overly complicated. Just a simple game. I was looking at a platformer. Those are easy to make (and add levels to) and can be very fun. So if anybody is looking at this, do you have any ideas? I'm too lazy to make a BBS post :P

PS: I hope I'm not talking to myself :(


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2007-07-19 07:22:21

Make a game like your picture's and your sig etc..
With all the black and white and a platformer!

Wurmy responds:

Yeah I actually though of that after I posted this.. Thanks for responding though :D Now I know I'm not talking to myself x3


2007-07-23 18:30:07

Make a stick fighting game :P

Wurmy responds:

Meh Fighting games just aren't my type. So probably not in the near future.


2007-07-24 02:00:21

Hey Wurmy, tis I, Brentron! *Heroic Entrance*

I think it should be a Mario + Spiderman 3 mix. I think Mario should be "Corrupted" by Bowser DNA and can unleash the extra power, fire breathing, and higher defense. Might be a lot, but i think that with a while of working on this it will be worth it. Then at the end of the game, you defeat bowser, who causes Mario to slit like a cell and fight his evil self. I call it Mario-Man 3!

I have tons of ideas and other such, feel free to PM me and we can work out bosses and sich. Plus, by then i may have thought an eaisier idea too.

OR as an alternative, you should make a Mario Galaxy platformer, where you run across platforms in space and planets.

I have an addiction to mario platformers, if you make one ill be happier than a fat guy at an All-you-Can-Eat Buffet!

The Robot that is filled with cheese,

Wurmy responds:

Well hello there. That is one interesting idea you have there. Who knows I might do it :P I'll PM you sometime. This really is an interesting idea <<


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